Dairy farming

The republic's dairy cattle breeding is represented by the Belarusian black-motley cattle breed, which has a high genetic productivity potential. Cattle of this breed is practically the only source of milk and beef in the republic.

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Beef cattle

The system of pedigree work in cattle breeding of the republic provides for the bulk of beef to be obtained from dairy and combined cattle and industrial crossbreeding of planned cows with specialized bulls.

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Pig breeding

In the Republic of Belarus, there are 2.9 million heads of pigs in all categories of farms, including 2.5 million in agricultural organizations, of which 290 thousand in pedigree farms.

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Horse breeding

There are about 56 thousand horses in the republic.
Despite the small specific gravity (about 3%), the mainstay of the industry is the breeding direction of the use of horses.
Currently, 20 horse breeding agricultural enterprises are certified and operate.

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Sheep breeding

Sheep breeding as one of the branches of animal husbandry has always been an integral part of the country's national economic complex. Currently, sheep breeding in Belplemzhivobedinenie is represented by RUE Vitebsk breeding enterprise where there are 772 heads (adults and young animals) of Romanov breed sheep.

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Embryo transplantation

One of the most important sources of accelerated obtaining of high-value offspring from outstanding breeding animals is embryo transplantation.
Annually, more than 100 calf grafts are received at Belplemzhivobedineniy enterprises.

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Dairy Labs

An indispensable condition for the implementation of the breeding programs of the republic is the availability of modern laboratories for the comprehensive analysis of the quality indicators of milk for the content of fat, protein and somatic cells. There are currently 6 such laboratories in the republic - one in each region.

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Belplemzhivobedinenie always ready for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation will assist in the sale of breeding young farm animals and their products.

Innovative approaches in breeding


In February of this year, the only equipment in the Republic of Belarus with software for standardized interactive analysis of sperm of farm animals was installed on the basis of the Baranavichy branch of RSUE Brestplempredpriyatie, which allows for a complete morphological analysis of the test material for motility, sperm viability, acrosome integrity, mitochondrial activity, DNA integrity. Such a thorough analysis of sperm has not been carried out before, only the primary sperm morphology was determined. Now there is an opportunity in the selection and genetic centers of the republic to determine the fertilizing ability of sperm in more detail. This analysis will improve the quality of the pedigree material sold, and carry out incoming control of imported sperm.